2017 Prices
at Arawak Divers

Dive Packages for certified divers

Prices are per diver and include tanks & weights. A USD $2.00 reef tax per day is charged for all dives in the Sandy Island Oyster Bed Marine Protected Area.

One Tank Dive : US $55.00
Two Tank Dive Package : US $104.50
Three Tank Dive Package: US $150.00
Four Tank Dive Package : US $200.00
Five Tank Dive Package : US $250.00
Six Tank Dive Package : US $290.00
Seven Tank Dive Package : US $338.33
Eight Tank Dive Package : US $386.67
Nine Tank Dive Package : US $435.00
Ten Tank Dive Package : US $470.00

Night Dive : US $75.00

Equipment Rental (per diver per day)
Scuba equipment rental : US $20
Dive light : US $20.00
Dive computer : US $20.00

For more dive packages, please contact us!

PADI Courses and specialties

Prices are per person, and include all materials, certification fees and equipment use. Fees for PADI Divemasters & Instructors are directly payable to PADI and are not included.

Discover Scuba Diving : US $115.00
PADI Scuba Diver : $360.00
PADI Open Water Diver : US $550.00
PADI Open Water Referral : US $330.00
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver : US $395.00
Emergency First Response : US $160.00
PADI Rescue Diver : US $595.00
PADI Divemaster : US $995.00

PADI Specialties
PADI Digital Underwater Photography : US $275.00
Boat, Deep, Night, Drift : US $250.00
Peak Performance Buoyancy, AWARE Fish ID, Project AWARE,  : US $160.00

Rentals & Services

Kayak Rentals
Single Kayak
Full day (8 hours) : US $55.00
Half day (4 hours) : US $35.00

Tandem Kayak
Full day (8 hours) : US $70.00
Half day (4 hours) : US $45.00

Snorkel Equipment Rental (per person per day)
Mask, snorkel, fins package : US $15
Mask : US $10; Snorkel : US $5; Fins : US $10

Tank Fills (usually same day)
US $7.50 per tank
Arawak Divers staff reserve the right to refuse to fill a tank if it is deemed to be in an unsuitable condition (i. e. damaged or out of test). A scuba tank should be visually inspected by an accredited dive centre once a year and hydrostatically tested at least every 7 years. For more information about hydrostatic testing in Grenada, contact L & M on 444 4600.

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